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The City of Los Alamitos announced the winners of this year’s holiday home decorating contest. Addresses are below, for those who want to get out to see them this weekend.
Apartment Row
1st place – 4292 Green Ave.
2nd place – 4191 Farquhar Ave.
Honorable Mention – 4001 Farquhar Ave.

Carrier Row
1st place – 4552 Green Ave.
2nd place – 11131 Ticonderoga Dr.
Honorable Mention – 11011 Bunkerhill Dr.

College Park North
1st place – 3608 Fenley Dr.
2nd place – 9862 Farnham Ave.
Honorable Mention – 3832 Holden Cir.

1st place – 3931 San Joaquin Ave
2nd place – 3993 Marion Ave.
Honorable Mention – 3996 Myra Ave.

New Dutch Haven
1st place – 5012 Howard Ave.
2nd place – 11142 Bennington St.
Honorable Mention – 5031 Kearsarge Ave. & 5031 Howard Ave.

Old Dutch Haven
1st place – 3532 Thor Ave.
2nd place – 11342 Pine St.
Honorable Mention – 11341 Pine St.

Old Town East & West
1st place – 10832 Walnut St.
2nd place – 10692 Chestnut St.
Honorable Mention – 10821 Walnut St.

1st place – 5031 Apollo Cir
2nd Place – 12352 Lunar Dr.

1st place – 11832 Reagan St.
2nd place – 11832 Cherry St.
Honorable Mention – 11822 Pine St.

Royal Oak Trailer Park
1st place – Space #52
2nd place – Space #70
Honorable Mention – Space #108

Suburbia Estates
1st place – 11246 Linda Way
2nd place – 11314 Rochelle St.

The Los Alamitos Police Department is looking anyone who witnessed a traffic collision that resulted in the death of a pedestrian on Tuesday, Dec. 11, at 12:42 a.m. The collision involved a Gray Toyota Camry and a pedestrian who was identified as Jacki Wray, 51, whose last known address was in Westminster. Wray was struck in the roadway near the intersection of Katella Avenue and Reagan Street.
Wray was treated at the scene and transported to Long Beach Memorial Hospital, where she succumbed to her injuries later that day. The investigation is ongoing and police said there is no indication that drugs or alcohol were a factor in the collision. The driver of the Toyota is cooperating with police.
Anyone who has information is asked to call the watch commander at 562-431-2255, ext. 426 or Sergeant M. O’Connell at 562-431-2255, ext. 418.