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With summer coming to an end, St. Isidore Plaza is still planning and organizing another evening of entertainment on Thursday, Aug. 29. Featured will he the Urban Cats, a rhythm and blues band, who will be peforming at Picnic at the Plaza from 5:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. They are another wonderful band donating free music to the community.
The band needs the audience to join them for a musical good time. Come tap your feet, dance and sing along with them.
Urban Cats will perform a little bit of blues with a touch of swing, vintage rock and pop. The Picnic will also have beer and wine. Food trucks will be at the Plaza tempting all with delicious aromas, including Kickin’ Cali Tacos, a new group donating time to the Plaza with the some of the best tacos in the area. The Picnics are fundraisers to prohibit the destruction of St. Isidore Historical Plaza. The Plaza is located at 10961 Los Alamitos Blvd., in Los Alamitos. For more information, please call 562-596-9918.

A single car collision on the Katella onramp to the southbound 605 freeway created a stir behind Oak Middle School on Saturday night, that included a police helicopter search behind the school and along the river channel.
California Highway Patrol confirmed that a single car struck the guide rail along the onramp and that the injured driver fled the scene on foot through the riverbed and hid behind the school. A helicopter was called in to search and Los Alamitos Police were also asked to assist in the search for the driver, Los Alamitos Police Captain Sgt. Bruce McAlpine, confirmed.
The suspect, Donald Carlock, 49, San Pedro was arrested after the helicopter located him hiding in bushes by finding a heat source with an infrared camera. Carlock was arrested on charges of felony driving under the influence, including charges of causing injury, having a blood alcohol level greater than .08 and felony hit and run, CHP officials said.
The crash occurred at about 8:18 p.m. on Saturday and Carlock was located by 9:12 p.m.
As of Tuesday morning, Carlock was reportedly still in custody of the CHP, but his arraignment time was not scheduled. A passenger in the vehicle was not charged.

The OC Register did a complete breakdown of the Los Alamitos Unified School District’s Bond debt for the campus improvement projects. Definitely an eye opener.

More than a couple of local residents expressed their concern over the Coyote Creek Park that was celebrated by the City of Los Alamitos, with a ground-breaking ceremony in October of last year.
The perception, it seems is that some resident thought that the clearing of the brush and the patch of dirt left behind was the extent of the project. However, the park is far from finished and crews were at work on Wednesday, preparing the ground. The meandering trail appears to be taking form and crews will continue to plant drought-resistant plants and prepare the area, as it will eventually become a 2,500 square foot passive park, encompassing four acres. It will be used for recreation, but will have no designated sports fields.
According to city officials, the park is scheduled to be handed over to the city in early 2014. The Rivers and Mountains Conservancy, which provided the grant money to pay for the park, will provide training for city workers on how to care for the specialized plants in the park.
Coyote Creek Park in Los Alamitos under construction

California Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse, held a small business round table discussion on Friday at Spaghettini Restaurant in Seal Beach.
State Assemblyman for the 72nd District Travis Allen was among the guest speakers and Los Alamitos City Councilman Dean Grose and Cypress Mayor Pro Tem Leroy Mills were among those in attendance. Allen spoke of upcoming legislation that could help curb the lawsuit abuse in California, mostly coming as a result of frivolous lawsuits for Prop 65 and American’s For Disability Act violations.
Part of the problem, according to CALA and Allen, is that businesses have no option to fix problems if they are found to be in violation. This has led to what Allen referred to as “shakedown” lawsuits by lawyers looking for a costly settlement from businesses. Allen said that while California has eight percent of the nations population, it has 40 percent of the ADA lawsuit filings.
“Businesses need to band together to be stronger against these frivolous lawsuits,” Allen said.
CALA is pushing for the passage of upcoming assembly bill 227 as a step in the right direction in curbing abusive lawsuits against businesses for not having posted Prop 65 warning signs. The current code allows for fines of up to $2,500 per day that the sign was not posted. CALA Executive Director Tom Scott said that these frivolous lawsuits are more damaging to small businesses than fees and taxes.
“A lawsuit will put you out of business a lot faster than a tax or regulation,” Scott said.

Due to an editing error, the wrong byline was put on the guest column of this week’s News Enterprise. The guest column on the parking issue in Rossmoor was written by Gary Stewart, the Rossmoor Homeowner’s Association president. The News Enterprise apologizes for the error.

No specific date was mentioned, but the City of Garden Grove announced that an eight-month construction project on Valley View Street will begin this month.
Valley View Street, from the 22 freeway to just north of Chapman Avenue will be reduced to one lane in each direction. Given the state of other streets in the Los Alamitos and Cypress area, this new project takes away one more option for smooth travel through the west county area.
The Seal Beach Boulevard bridge continues to bottleneck traffic throughout the day and Lampson Avenue is now under construction, taking away another smooth option for access to the southbound 405. Valley View is usually a slow go after work hours, so it was already a limited option for travel. With the new project getting underway, it puts the Cypress area practically on an island from freeway access.
All that is needed now is a Homeland Security checkpoint on Katella Avenue.
The Valley View project is a rehab project that is tabbed as an environmentally-friendly process that recycles and strengthens the existing roadway. Completion is estimated for April 2014. Happy motoring.