More than a couple of local residents expressed their concern over the Coyote Creek Park that was celebrated by the City of Los Alamitos, with a ground-breaking ceremony in October of last year.
The perception, it seems is that some resident thought that the clearing of the brush and the patch of dirt left behind was the extent of the project. However, the park is far from finished and crews were at work on Wednesday, preparing the ground. The meandering trail appears to be taking form and crews will continue to plant drought-resistant plants and prepare the area, as it will eventually become a 2,500 square foot passive park, encompassing four acres. It will be used for recreation, but will have no designated sports fields.
According to city officials, the park is scheduled to be handed over to the city in early 2014. The Rivers and Mountains Conservancy, which provided the grant money to pay for the park, will provide training for city workers on how to care for the specialized plants in the park.
Coyote Creek Park in Los Alamitos under construction

2 Responses to “Coyote Creek Park update”

  • alpha_cyclist says:

    Ted, thanks for the update. Do you ride bikes there? I do.

    Interesting that the photo does not show the bike path.

    Los Alamitos is the last of cities lining the CC channel to spend the RMC grant money. They also have not improved the bike path at all, and seem to have no intention of doing so. The other cities improved and paved the bike path, first thing.

    To apply for grant money (and receive 1.2M) from the RMC and ignore the bike path is unethical and disingenuous. This park will be around-the-corner from a large bike store (Tri-zone), but try and ride your bike through the Cerritos exit from the path and go to the store. The ragged asphalt path is unimproved from 20 years ago and is not safe to ride along Cerritos ave. Why don’t the park designers get together with the Tri-zone folks and make this area better for bikes?

    • alpha_cyclist says:

      the bike path condition is the responsibility of the city adjacent to the path. Los Alamitos and Cypress need to pave the path from Willow all the way up to Centralia. There is much more to the bike path than this little section below Cerritos and above Oak Middle school.

      If all they do is build a path in this truncated section, shown in the photo, they have committed fraud against the all the citizens of OC, not just those that ride all of the Coyote Creek bike path.

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