With temperatures rising recently, the risk of health problems from heat exhaustion and heat stroke can increase.
During times when temperatures are expected to rise to near triple digits, some local cities will open up public cooling centers for relief from the heat. La Palma has announced that it will open cooling centers in the event of excessive heat.
“In response to increased temperatures that are likely to occur over the next few months, the City of La Palma is prepared to activate its Cooling Centers in accordance with its Emergency Operations Plan for Extreme Heat Emergencies,” the city said in a press release.
Local cooling centers could be opened if the temperature in La Palma exceeds or is predicted to exceed 95 degrees over a 3-day period. During excessive heat, people with health conditions, including the elderly and children, are encouraged to take advantage of cooling centers in order to minimize the risk of a medical emergency. The general public is also encouraged to take extra precautions if they work or spend time outside. When possible, reschedule strenuous activates to early morning or evening. Learn the signs and symptoms of heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Always stay hydrated and drink plenty of water.
The opening of cooling centers by the City of La Palma will be communicated to the public through the city’s Notify Me email system and by utilizing Alert OC. Residents are encouraged to register with Alert OC at www.alertOC.org. Cooling center information will also be posted on the city’s Facebook page and website at www.cityoflapalma.org.

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