There were reports from the Monday night city council meeting in Cypress that an announcement was made regarding the infamous 33-acre Katella project, also commonly referred to at the Prologis project.
The reports were that Prologis was backing out of the project and presumably walking away from the deal. It had been reported that they had an out clause if they wanted and it looks as if they have taken it and will look for opportunities elsewhere.
I received an email from a Los Alamitos resident that had heard of the report and was making sure I had too. At the bottom, she wrote, “We won.”
Cypress Councilwoman Mariellen Yarc confirmed by email that the report of Prologis’ withdraw was accurate. On Wednesday Cypress City Planning Manager Doug Hawkins also confirmed that Prologis had withdrawn from the project and that the indications are that the property will revert back to the original owners. Hawkins said it is espected to be some time before any new projects for the land are brought to the city.
So it would appear that for now, the opponents of the Katella Project have won. The future question is what will be the next proposal brought forth by Cypress, senior housing, business and retail or a combination. Whatever comes next, it will likely be well publicized before hand, as residents are going to keep a close eye on anything in the planning stages.
The poll question on is asking what responders would like to see happen to the land now that a truck distribution facility is apparently off the table.
More street work
The Cypress Public Works Department will begin working on Cerritos Avenue widening, beginning Oct. 21. The project provides for widening of the roadway, from Walker Street to Angela Avenue to add an additional eastbound through lane to increase the traffic capacity east of the Cerritos Avenue and Walker Street intersection. The work is tentatively scheduled to be completed in January 2014.

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